The First Post

I am a full-time software developer.

I have no formal education in programming, I just spent my teenage years messing around with websites and a bit of Visual Basic, so I managed to pick up some stuff on the way.

I did go through Harvard’s CS50 course a couple of months before I got my first development job but, once I landed it, I just focused on learning the tools required to complete the work.

I know enough to keep my job, but I have always had the urge the build a solid foundation of computer science knowledge so that I have a deeper understanding of the principles behind what I know.

This is my learning diary.

In my spare time, I’m going to be completing my long-awaited computer science education. It will likely be a mixture of materials outlined on Teach Yourself Computer Science and OSSU, but I haven’t defined a strict curriculum.

My first step, however, is maths. Many people say that it helps to have a mathematical background when learning computer science; I expect that there’s truth to that.

My maths education ended when I was 16 and the 10+ years since have slowly eroded away most of what I had learned. That’s why I have bought a set of maths textbooks that span from the start of high-school maths to college-level maths; that’s Key Stage 3 to A Level in terms of the UK education system.

So this is where my diary starts: relearning maths.