A Site Aside

I thought I would play around with the website before I begin my learning journey. I spent some time over the weekend looking at Jekyll and Liquid, the static-site generator and template language, respectively, that are provided by default for GitHub Pages projects.

I added a couple more sections to the site in order to use the functionality that these provide: Albums and Films.

The Albums page is a list of music albums that I have listened to and rated. These albums are selected from Acclaimed Music as I work my way through the All Time Top 3,000 in descending order.

Similarly, the Films page is a list of films I have watched and rated. For films, I use TSPDT’s 1,000 Greatest Films which, again, I am working through from bottom to top.

Both the Albums and Films pages use Jekyll and Liquid to read YAML data files and generate HTML lists of artists, directors and their respective works. When I have watched a film, or listened to an album, I just update the YAML files and Jekyll will do the rest.

The homepage has also been updated and now shows the three latest diary entries, album ratings and film ratings.

I have tried to use semantic HTML elements throughout the website, while also styling the elements in a simple, accessible way. I was inspired by the designs of Inclusive Components, Every Layout and Andy Bell.

It’s not perfect, and will be tweaked continuously, but it does its job.